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Rubaintech Sony SVF142 SVF152 SVF14 SVF15 Laptop Internal Speaker and Subwoofer

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  • Generic Laptop Internal Speakers
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Best Value Replacement Speakers
  • Package Includes: 1 Set Laptop Speakers

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Replacement Laptop Internal Speaker Suitable with below Laptop Models Sony SVF142 SVF152 SVF14 SVF15 Svf152 Series, Svf15211snb, Svf15212cxb, Svf15212cxw, Svf15212snb, Svf15213cdb, Svf15213cdw, Svf15213cxb, Svf15213cxp, Svf15213cxw, Svf15213sab, Svf15213shb, Svf15213snb, Svf15213snw, Svf15214cxb, Svf15214cxw, Svf15215cdw, Svf15215cxb, Svf15215cxp, Svf15215cxw, Svf15215shw, Svf15215snb, Svf15215snw, Svf15216sa, Svf15216sab, Svf15216sap, Svf15216saw, Svf15216sf, Svf15216sfb, Svf15216sfp, Svf15216sfw, Svf15216sg, Svf15216sgb, Svf15216sgp, Svf15216sgw, Svf15217cg, Svf15217cgb, Svf15217cgp, Svf15217cgw, Svf15217cxb, Svf15217cxp, Svf15217cxw, Svf15217sg, Svf15217sgb, Svf15217sgw, Svf15218cxb, Svf15218cxp, Svf15218cxw, Svf15218sa, Svf15218sab, Svf15218saw, Svf15218sf, Svf15218sfb, Svf15218sfw, Svf15218sg, Svf15218sgb, Svf15218sgw, Svf15218shw, Svf15218sn, Svf15218snb, Svf15218snw, Svf152190s, Svf152190x, Svf15219cg, Svf15219cgb, Svf15219cgp, Svf15219cgw, Svf15219sa, Svf15219sab, Svf15219sap, Svf15219saw, Svf15219sn, Svf15219snb, Svf15219snw, Svf1521a1eb, Svf1521a1ew, Svf1521a2eb, Svf1521a2ew, Svf1521a6eb, Svf1521a6ew, Svf1521agxb, Svf1521asnb, Svf1521ayab, Svf1521ayfb, Svf1521aygb, Svf1521b1ew, Svf1521b1rb, Svf1521b1rw, Svf1521b2ew, Svf1521bcxb, Svf1521bgxb, Svf1521byab, Svf1521byfb, Svf1521bygb, Svf1521c2eb, Svf1521c2ew, Svf1521c5e, Svf1521c6ew, Svf1521csgb, Svf1521d1rb, Svf1521d1rw, Svf1521d2eb, Svf1521d4e, Svf1521d6ew, Svf1521dcxw, Svf1521dsg, Svf1521dsgb, Svf1521dsgw, Svf1521e1rb, Svf1521e1rw, Svf1521e2ew, Svf1521e4e, Svf1521e6e, Svf1521e6eb, Svf1521e6ew, Svf1521ecxw, Svf1521f2ew, Svf1521f4e, Svf1521f6e, Svf1521f6eb, Svf1521f6ew, Svf1521f8e, Svf1521fcg, Svf1521fcgb, Svf1521fcgp, Svf1521fstw, Svf1521g1ew, Svf1521g2rw, Svf1521g6ew, Svf1521gcxb, Svf1521gsa, Svf1521gsab, Svf1521gsaw, Svf1521gsfb, Svf1521gsgb, Svf1521gstb, Svf1521h1eb, Svf1521h1ew, Svf1521h4e, Svf1521h6eb, Svf1521h6ew, Svf1521hcxb, Svf1521hstw, Svf1521i6ew, Svf1521j1eb, Svf1521j1ew, Svf1521j1rb, Svf1521j1rw, Svf1521j6ew, Svf1521jcg, Svf1521jcgb, Svf1521jcgp, Svf1521jcgw, Svf1521jcxb, Svf1521jstb, Svf1521k1e, Svf1521k1ew, Svf1521k1rw, Svf1521k2rw, Svf1521k6ew, Svf1521kcxb, Svf1521ksn, Svf1521ksnb, Svf1521ksnw, Svf1521l1ew, Svf1521l1rb, Svf1521l1rw, Svf1521l2rw, Svf1521l4e, Svf1521l6ew, Svf1521lst, Svf1521lstb, Svf1521m1e, Svf1521m1ew, Svf1521m1rb, Svf1521m1rw, Svf1521m6e, Svf1521m6eb, Svf1521m6ew, Svf1521mcxb, Svf1521msab, Svf1521msfw, Svf1521msgbsony Svf1521n1ew, Svf1521n1r, Svf1521n1rw, Svf1521n6e, Svf1521n6ew, Svf1521nstb, Svf1521nstw, Svf1521o4e, Svf1521p1ew, Svf1521p1r, Svf1521p1rb, Svf1521p1rw, Svf1521p2e, Svf1521p2eb, Svf1521p2ew, Svf1521p4e, Svf1521p6ew, Svf1521psgb, Svf1521pstw, Svf1521q1e, Svf1521q1eb, Svf1521q1ew, Svf1521q6ew, Svf1521qstb, Svf1521r1ew, Svf1521r2e, Svf1521r2ew, Svf1521r2rw, Svf1521r6e, Svf1521r6ew, Svf1521s2e, Svf1521s2eb, Svf1521s2ew, Svf1521s6eb, Svf1521s8eb, Svf1521s8rb, Svf1521sstw, Svf1521t1eb, Svf1521t2eb, Svf1521tstb, Svf1521u4e, Svf1521ustw, Svf1521v1e, Svf1521v1eb, Svf1521v1ew, Svf1521vstw, Svf1521w1eb, Svf1521wstb, Svf1521x1r, Svf1521x1rb, Svf1521x1rw, Svf1521x6ew, Svf1521xstw, Svf1521ystb, Svf1521z1eb, Svf1521z1rb, Svf1521z2eb, Svf1521zstb, Svf152a29l, Svf152a29m, Svf152a29w, Svf152c1wl, Svf152c29l, Svf152c29m, Svf153 Series, Svf15314sc, Svf15314scw, Svf15316sc, Svf15316scb, Svf15316scp, Svf15317sc, Svf15317scw, Svf15318shb, Svf15318sn, Svf15318snb, Svf15318snw, Svf15318w, Svf15319cg, Svf15319cgb, Svf15319cgp, Svf15319cgw, Svf15319cw, Svf15319cwp, Svf15319cwpw, Svf15319sn, Svf15319snb, Svf1531a4e, Svf1531a4ew, Svf1531b4e, Svf1531b4ew, Svf1531c4e, Svf1531c4ew, Svf1531c5e, Svf1531fcg, Svf1531fcgb, Svf1531fcgw, Svf1531gsa, Svf1531gsab, Svf1531gsaw, Svf1531gsf, Svf1531gsfb, Svf1531gsgb, Svf1531hck, Svf1531hckb, Svf1531hckp, Svf1531hckw, Svf1531jcg, Svf1531jcgb, Svf1531jcgp, Svf1531jcgw, Svf1531v8c, Svf1531v8cb, Svf1531v8cp, Svf1531v8cw, Svf15322sg, Svf15322sgb, Svf15322sgw, Svf15323cx, Svf15323cxb, Svf15323cxw, Svf15323sn, Svf15323snb, Svf15323snw, Svf15324cx, Svf15324cxb, Svf15324cxw, Svf15325cb, Svf15325cbw, Svf15325sn, Svf15325snb, Svf15325snw, Svf15326sc, Svf15326scb, Svf15326scp, Svf15326scw, Svf15327sc, Svf15327scb, Svf15327scp, Svf15327scw, Svf15327shw, Svf15328cx, Svf15328cxb, Svf15328cxw, Svf15328sa, Svf15328sab, Svf15328saw, Svf15328sc, Svf15328scb, Svf15328scw, Svf15328sg, Svf15328sgb, Svf15328sgw, Svf15328sh, Svf15328shb, Svf153290s, Svf153290x, Svf15329c, Svf15329cw, Svf15329cwp, Svf15329sw, Svf1532a1e, Svf1532a1ew, Svf1532a4e, Svf1532a4ew, Svf1532acx, Svf1532acxb, Svf1532acxw, Svf1532acyw, Svf1532agxb, Svf1532apxb, Svf1532bcx, Svf1532bcxb, Svf1532bcxw, Svf1532bgxb, Svf1532c1e, Svf1532c1ew, Svf1532c4e, Svf1532ccx, Svf1532ccxb, Svf1532ccxw, Svf1532csgb, Svf1532dcx, Svf1532dcxb, Svf1532dcxp, Svf1532dcy, Svf1532dcyb, Svf1532dcyw, Svf1532e4e, Svf1532f4e, Svf1532fcg, Svf1532fcgb, Svf1532fcgw, Svf1532g1e, Svf1532g4e, Svf1532g4ew, Svf1532gsa, Svf1532gsab, Svf1532gsaw, Svf1532gsg, Svf1532gsgb, Svf1532gsgw, Svf1532h4e, Svf1532hsg, Svf1532hsgb, Svf1532j1e, Svf1532j1ew, Svf1532jcg, Svf1532jcgb, Svf1532jcgp, Svf1532jcgw, Svf1532k1e, Svf1532ksg, Svf1532ksgw, Svf1532l1e, Svf1532l1eb, Svf1532lsg, Svf1532lsgb, Svf1532m1e, Svf1532m1ew, Svf1532msg, Svf1532msgb, Svf1532nsn, Svf1532nsnb, Svf1532nsnw, Svf1532p1e, Svf1532p1ew, Svf1532p1r, Svf1532p1rb, Svf1532p1rw, Svf1532q1e, Svf1532q2e, Svf1532qst, Svf1532qstb, Svf1532r1e, Svf1532r1ew, Svf1532r4e, Svf1532r4eb, Svf1532rst, Svf1532s2e, Svf1532s4e, Svf1532s4eb, Svf1532s8e, Svf1532s8eb, Svf1532sst, Svf1532t1e, Svf1532tst, Svf1532u1e, Svf1532u1ew, Svf1532ust, Svf1532ustw, Svf1532v2e, Svf1532v4e, Svf1532v4ew, Svf1532vst, Svf1532w1e, Svf1532w4e, Svf1532w4eb, Svf1532x1e, Svf1532xst, Svf1532xstw, Svf1532z1e, Svf1532z1eb, Svf1532zst, Svf1532zstb, Svf153a1yl, Svf153b1yl, Svf153b1ym, Svf154 Series, Svf15411cdw, Svf15412cxb, Svf15413cdw, Svf15413snb, Svf15414cxb, Svf15414cxw, Svf15415cd, Svf15415cdb, Svf15415cdw, Svf15416cxb, Svf15416stw, Svf15417stb, Svf1541m1e, Svf1541m1ew, Svf1541m1rw, Svf15425cdb, Svf154b1el, Svf15a Series, Svf15a13cdb, Svf15a15cdb, Svf15a15cxb, Svf15a15cxp, Svf15a15cxs, Svf15a15stb, Svf15a16cgs, Svf15a16cxb, Svf15a16cxs, Svf15a17cbb, Svf15a17cdb, Svf15a17cjb, Svf15a17cjp, Svf15a17cjs, Svf15a17clb, Svf15a17cxb, Svf15a17cxs, Svf15a18cxb, Svf15a190s, Svf15a190x, Svf15a1a4e, Svf15a1acxb, Svf15a1acxs, Svf15a1b4e, Svf15a1bcxb, Svf15a1bcxs, Svf15a1c5e, Svf15a1c5er, Svf15a1ccxb, Svf15a1dpxb, Svf15a1dpxr, Svf15a1m2e, Svf15a1m2eb, Svf15a1m2es, Svf15a1s2es, Svf15a1s2rs, Svf15a1s9rb, Svf15a1z2es, Svf15a1z2rb, Svf15a1z2rs, Svf15aa1qu, Svf15aa1qx, Svf15ac1ql, Svf15n Series, Svf15n12sf, Svf15n14cxb, Svf15n14cxs, Svf15n15cdb, Svf15n15sts, Svf15n17cdb, Svf15n17cgb, Svf15n17cxb, Svf15n17cxs, Svf15n18pxb, Svf15n18scs, Svf15n190s, Svf15n190x, Svf15n1acg, Svf15n1acgb, Svf15n1acgp, Svf15n1acgs, Svf15n1b4e, Svf15n1bpgb, Svf15n1c5b, Svf15n1c5e, Svf15n1e2es, Svf15n1j2es, Svf15n1l2es, Svf15n1n2es, Svf15n1s2es, Svf15n1y2es, Svf15n25cdb, Svf15n25cx, Svf15n25cxb, Svf15n25cxs, Svf15n26cxb, Svf15n27cdb, Svf15n2z2eb, Svf15nb1gl

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Compatible Brand

For Sony

Warranty Summary

30 Days Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Service Type

Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels, Overcharging, Swollen or Wet Leaked

Special Instructions

Using VLC Player Results in Warranty Void as VLC Player Amplifies the Sound to 200% which damage Speakers easily

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